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Marriage Officer, Life Coach, Spiritual Counsellor, and therapist of many different modalities.

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I have a dream, a wish a prayer. May we walk together, in unity, to create an evolutionary consciousness that transcends all barriers, understanding that as a community, a family, we are undoubtedly reflecting the magnificence of our beloved creator. Come walk with me, hold my hand, be my friend, and forever we will be one.

About Me

My name is Dianne Visser and I live and work in Umtentweni, on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast of South Africa. I am a Marriage Officiant, which provides me with a truly wonderful opportunity to work with couples at such a significant time in their lives. Knowing that they trust me to bring the perfect words to their ceremonies, to celebrate with them and for them, to walk beside them from our first meeting, right up until their wedding, day warms my heart, and I give thanks daily for the privilege.

I am a Holistic Counsellor and Life Coach, reflexologist, aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. I completed the Life Line course 25 years ago and counselled with Life Line for many years. I also completed the Hospice Course so I can work with people dealing with Grief and Trauma. I have studied Emotional Freedom Technique, and I have a Doctorate in Metaphysics. I taught Reiki classes with my dear friend, Sr Marilyn Brown for 15 years. We also taught Reiki to carers from Assisi Mission and from Scottbugh and Umzinto Catholic Church. We had our notes transcribed into Zulu and our dear friend Thuli taught the Reiki in Zulu. In addition to Reiki, we taught self-empowerment and self-care, (massage and basic reflexology), the Four Fold Way and Emotional Freedom Technique.

I am fascinated by the connection between body, mind, emotions and health. I am equally enchanted with energy and the way we are connected to one another and every living being on the planet. I work with the intuitive gifts that I have been born with, and when I work with you, I see the whole of you. I look with you at your life, and I will assist you to find your best and most positive and productive way forward. You have the answers inside of you. I will simply guide you to find them.

Throughout our lives we are all faced with many challenges. Sometimes we need someone to walk beside us, to guide us, support us and give us hope. To remind us that we are worthy, that we have courage, that we are resilient and that we are heard.  

My joy is in seeing each person who comes to me, walk away with a new passion for life and new ways of looking at things. Discovering their gifts and their own potential.  

I am offering Skype consultations for clients. 

If you feel like I resonate with you and you would like to make a booking, please call or whatsapp me on 082 340 3492 and we can set up a time.  



This is one of the most joyful jobs I have ever had. To walk beside a couple as they prepare to take one of the most significant steps in their lives is inspiring and heart-warming. I enjoy creating a personalised service, where every word spoken has meaning, and will set in place their intentions for their lives together.


Through the process of Hypnotherapy the unhealthy beliefs and emotions which inhabit body mind and spirit are revealed and brought to each client’s conscious awareness allowing us to begin dealing with their root cause. Hypnotherapy is entirely safe and uses the enormous power of your subconscious mind to achieve healing.


This about empowering my client to live a more fulfilling and effective life. It is about identifying the challenges, asking the questions and then discerning the best way to work though these challenges to create the best You!  


I work with individuals, couples and families dealing with trauma such as death, divorce or abuse, to understand their inner strength by accessing their innate wisdom. My goal is to see my clients with a more peaceful, centred approach to life. As a Minister and Marriage Officer I offer Pre and Post Marriage Counselling. 


Stress is part of our daily lives, but it is how we manage it that defines who we are and how we manifest our reality. Together with my client, we decide what approach would work effectively. Once we have identified the stress triggers, we use a combination of therapies best suited to the client’s needs.


Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.


I have been blessed with a gift which helps me to link up with energies from the world of Spirit. In this way, I can facilitate communication with loved ones who have passed into Spirit, as well as to assist in guiding people forward in their lives. This is not fortune telling. I do not predict the future. I believe everyone should take personal responsibility for their lives and seek their own inner guidance.


Reflexology is a natural and soothing form of healing. By stimulating 75 000 reflex points on the feet through specific techniques, the therapist encourages blood circulation, nerve communication as well as toxin removal; therefore, restoring and maintaining a state of excellent health.

Reflexology creates relaxation. Stress is well known for causing up to 80% of illnesses. Research measuring brain activity by EEG has indicated that from the stimulation with the various reflexology pressure techniques a change is created in the body’s basic level of tension in the brain waves (EEG), blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, and anxiety.

Reflexology reduces pain and is used to promote healing and ease pain without long term medication.


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